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5 Ways To Get Stressed

5 Ways To Get Stressed


You think stress is something that happens to you? Think again. Here’s 5 ways you’re doing it to yourself: –

You’re too hard on yourself

If you’re indulging in negative self-talk or beating yourself up about stuff, that’s a guaranteed way to get, and stay stressed. Work out where it came, why you keep doing it, and stop.

Comparing yourself negatively to everybody else? Stop putting yourself under pressure to be the best. Everybody has different qualities and skills. You have your own. Acknowledge them, make the most of them and feel good about them.

Stop expecting too much of yourself. If you don’t understand, ask. If you don’t ask for guidance, information or clarification, what is going to happen? You’ll feel stressed and anxious. You could make huge and possibly costly mistakes.

Trying to please others

At work, you might find yourself taking on the work of colleagues, constantly being given new projects, or working extra hours with no pay. At home, you might find yourself constantly looking after children, entertaining, cleaning and generally wearing yourself out with no help from others in your household.

Do you think people will like you if you always run around after them? They’re more likely to have no respect for you and continue to take advantage of you. If you’ve got deeper issues that mean you are always looking for approval, get them sorted. Start pleasing yourself for a change.


If you are the kind of person who makes every encounter a battleground, stop it! Why do you do that? If you have unresolved issues, deal with them. Anger is a normal, healthy emotion until it gets out of control – then it becomes destructive, affecting your relationships at home and at work.

Try seeing the human being behind every annoying person. Everybody has their own issues. Everybody is doing the best they can. Just be nice.

If you’re one of these passive aggressive types, that’s still fighting!


When you put things off, maybe because you think they’ll be difficult or time consuming, they still rent space in your head. If they really need doing, stop messing about and just do them!

Being a perfectionist

If you find yourself spending way too long on something, consider if you are trying to achieve absolute perfection. If you’re a surgeon, sure, we all want you to be bringing your A-game every day. If you’re not, ask yourself if less than perfect is actually OK. It usually is.

Moving forward

There are lots of ways you can make life even more difficult for yourself. If you recognise any of the behaviour mentioned here, you will substantially reduce your stress levels when you get a grip and control your triggers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you have found it interesting or useful. Feel free to share it! You may also like to download our FREE  ‘8 Essentials To Beating Stress’. You can get yours here. If your stress levels have been through the roof recently, try meditating or self-hypnosis. You can access our ‘Be Calm and Happy’ MP3 here.

I’d love to hear how you get on, and good luck!


By Judith Flowerday.

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