About Coaching

What is coaching? How does it work, exactly?

Whether coaching is offered to you as an individual, a couple or to your business, at the heart of it will always be a totally confidential relationship between your coach, and you the client.

As your coach, I am friendly, non-judgemental and totally supportive, providing you with a safe environment in which to explore your challenges, solutions, goals and dreams.

A coach’s goal is to help you to be happier and better at what you do, and each session is focused totally on you and helping you to create the life and/or business that you desire.

During a free initial consultation, you can gain answers to any questions that you may have, and you will be able to identify if I am the right coach for you. You can also discuss what type of coaching package will best suit your individual or organisational needs, and lifestyle. You can choose to have your coaching face-to-face, or via Skype or telephone. However your waking day or your working week is structured, I'll work with you to arrange the best time for your coaching session. You may need a session just for you, for yourself and your partner. or for a small team within your business. Additional support between coaching sessions is readily available by telephone, email, instant message or text message. There is no requirement to book a minimum number of sessions either! If you only need a one-off session that’s what I will happily deliver.

A coaching session can include the elements of coaching, brainstorming, clarification of your values, exploring plans of action, examining the way you currently live your life or run your business, clarifying questions and empowering requests. Sometimes the questions can be gently challenging, but will always be non-directive. You can also take the time for deep, reflective thinking.

Even though a session can be challenging, it is structured to always be rewarding, and you will always feel fully supported. All clients and organisations are individual and therefore experience success at different rates. It is not unusual to still be getting benefit from the coaching session long after it has finished! Coaching is thought-provoking and can be life-changing.

To read more about some of the benefits of life coaching, business coaching and mentoring, relationship services or mastermind groups, please visit the relevant pages. You may already know that coaching can offer solutions to a huge number of challenges so it won’t be a surprise to know that the benefits listed on these pages aren’t exhaustive by any means!

Get in touch today and take advantage of a free initial consultation to find out how coaching could help you solve your problems.


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