Relationship Rescue

Relationships can be fulfilling and wonderful, but they can also be hard work! Issues with trust, boredom, time, jealousy, sex or lack of good communication (to name just a few) can gradually eat away at your happiness, and sometimes completely destroy your relationship.

You can find yourself totally disconnected from the person that you used to be, and become resentful. Your relationship coach can support you with damage limitation and repair, communicating healthily and reconnecting with your partner.

You can attend a session alone, or bring your partner along with you.

Get in touch to find out how a ‘Relationship Rescue’ coaching session could help you to solve your problems, and increase your happiness.

In the meantime, you may find the relationship rescue section at the end of Norwich Elite Matchmaking’s FREE dating and relationship guide useful.

Relationship rescuing

Rescue Your Relationship

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