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Stop It!

We all do things we think we shouldn’t. We all do things we regret. I’m not going to nag you, because deep down you know what you need to stop doing or stop being.

It’s ‘Stoptober’, created in recent years to encourage smokers to quit the evil weed. But how would life, work or relationships improve for you if you were to stop doing those things that ultimately cause problems for you?

Let’s have a look at just a few of the different things you may have found yourself doing that you’d maybe like to stop: –


Crappy Thoughts
What thoughts do you have that get in the way of you being, doing or having what you want? Your thoughts have power. Power to make you screw things up, or to stop you doing things that could really improve a situation for you.

  • You carry negative stuff around in your head from previous experiences. Stop it! They’ll get in the way of everything that you do. Make your peace with them, brain vomit onto paper or visualise dumping them in a virtual skip.
  • You take your work stress home or your personal stress to work. Dump it!
  • You worry about ‘what if’ and always expect the worst. You’ll screw yourself up and won’t change the outcome, but will stop you enjoying anything and taking risks.
  • You beat yourself up about things you’ve done. Cut yourself some slack and lighten up a bit.
  • You lie to yourself, and maybe to others. Just stop it!
  • You feel angry or jealous of other people who are more successful than you. Why?! You can stop that right now!
  • You’re scared of failing. This fear will stop you doing anything, including having a life or improving your situation. Failure is simply your discovery of another way not to do something, and offers you valuable lessons.


Crappy Beliefs
What have you believed about yourself, or others, that makes you think, feel or act in a damaging way?

  • You assume you’ll have time to do or say things. If it’s important, do it now.
  • You believe you don’t deserve happiness, respect or success. Sort this one out right now!
  • You believe that you must achieve total perfection in everything that you do. Consider for a moment that less than perfect is often acceptable. Unless you’re a brain surgeon…
  • You’re self-important. Nobody will like you and you’ll look like an idiot.
  • You believe that everybody else’s opinions and desires are more important than your own. Not so.
  • You think things will improve if you just wish hard enough. They won’t. You have to take action.


Crappy Behaviour
What have you found yourself doing that creates horrible and lasting results in your life?

  • Your drag your personal ex-baggage into every new relationship. And you think that’s going to give you a good start, right?
  • You fight with everybody. Life will be easier if you don’t make every situation a battleground.
  • You medicate yourself with misuse of alcohol, drugs, spending or sex. Get real and get help.
  • You’re waiting; for your life to start, for other people to make you happy, for other people to apologise. Move on.
  • You manipulate other people to get what you want. That’s just nasty.
  • You trample over other people. They’ll remember you did it long after you’ve forgotten.
  • You think, feel and act like a victim. Take back your power and deal with your crappy stuff. It’s time to move on.


By: Judith Flowerday

These really are just scratching the surface of the things that could be holding you back. Now, over to you… What do you need to stop doing? When will you stop? No putting it off!

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